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Vehicle Tracking Benefits

VehicleTracking-Mobile-ScreBlack Telematics Box has helped hundreds of companies to improve their bottom line by driving down fleet operating costs, improving fleet productivity (so increasing revenues), and automating back office operations.

The Black Telematics Box fleet tracking system is an easy-to-use, internet based application that provides everything you need to improve your fleet’s efficiency:

Live, real time tracking

Locate all your vehicles 24/7 using detailed street level, satellite and hybrid maps.

Real-time Alerts

Automatic notification of unauthorised vehicle activity – such as visiting restricted locations. Alerts can be set to monitor any vehicle input – for example cargo temperature, door open/closed, ignition or vehicle alarm status. Alerts can also be configured to trigger when vehicles enter and leave defined areas (geofences). All alerting features can be time-based, thus respecting employee privacy. They can be delivered via screen email or SMS to an unlimited number of recipients.

Historical Tracking

All fleet activity data is freely and easily accessible with our unique fleet management solutions. This allows for easy review of vehicle movements and activities whether to resolve disputes, provide proof of service or reconcile timesheets.


The Black Telematics Box vehicle tracking system provides a complete suite of the most commonly demanded reports. This includes history, summary, journey, location, speeding, idling, working hours and more. All reports are fully customisable so that information can be personalized for your business.

In most cases, companies do not, and cannot, measure Key Performance Indicators accurately before implementing a GPS tracking system. However, once a system is fitted and asset performance metrics are captured then new initiatives can be implemented to optimise asset usage.

The benefits include:

  • Reduction in operational costs through lower fuel bills, decreased vehicle maintenance charges, lower insurance premiums and reduced communication costs.
  • Improved operational efficiencies by automating back office tasks such as electronic time-sheets.
  • Increased revenues through better productivity and vehicle utilization.
  • Improved customer service from being able to notify customers automatically when e.g. vehicles approach their sites and identifying nearest vehicle for new jobs. This improves customer satisfaction and speeds up vehicle turnaround times.
  • Uncovering ‘hidden’ liabilities such as out of hours vehicle usage, fraudulent overtime claims and bad driver behaviour.
  • Legislation Compliance including working time directives, health & safety laws , duty of care obligations and corporate manslaughter.
  • Reduction in carbon footprint by eliminating excessive idling and fuel usage, unnecessary vehicle wear and tear and inefficient route planning.
  • Improved driver safety by enforcing company-mandated speed, stop and mileage policies.
  • Increased vehicle security from knowing where they are 24/7.

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