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What Black Telematics Box Delivers

Black Telematics Box Office We have shown have shown our extreme passion and desire to assist and help businesses improve  their mobile workforce efficiency for the past 15 years. This has been achieved this by firstly  understanding our client’s requirements and working with them to optimize their road-staff & vehicle  operation. Black Telematics Box understands the needs of our clients ensuring our vehicle  tracking and fleet management solutions are designed to offer a total ease of use, efficient and reliable  user experience. – We deliver a brand you can trust that embodies change because technology is a  moving picture, so we ensure our business solutions are future-proof and vision ready, so they’ll continue to the contribution of your bottom business function and profitability.

Proven Benefits – Managing your Fleet by using our system will assist in the overall control your mobile asset costs.

  • Carbon footprint – Reduction
  • Green Driving Style & Driver Behaviour – Events Harsh braking / Acceleration / Cornering….
  • Time card & Electronic Timesheet verification – Late start & Early finish control.
  • Monitor Business & Private mileage – Recording business and personal use for taxation purposes.
  • Improve response times – Locate & Respond.
  • More jobs completed per week – Improved cash flow & improved billing and customer satisfaction.
  • Reduce fuel bills – Idling, Speeding, Route Deviations, Unscheduled Locations.
  • Improve security of asset – Knowing where your asset is 24/7
  • Alert – Real Time monitor in and out of locations.
  • Check working and on site times – Proof & Proactive customer service.
  • Reduce communication costs – No need to call to see where any of your employees are.
  • Live asset locator / Proximity Fleet Search – Who is the closet to the next job.
  • Driver Identification – Know when and who was driving a particular vehicle –multi driver scenario.
  • Driving License – Driver control and eligibility of vehicle license status of penalties etc..


Providing the very best advice for your companies specific Telematics challenges.

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