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GPS Vehicle Tracking – Where its Used & Why?

free-30-mins-ConsultancyQ. What Is GPS Tracking ?
Q. What is GPS Vehicle Tracking used for?
Q. How legal is it to Track a Vehicle?


GPS Systems & Vehicle Tracking.

The Global Positioning System (GPS) has been used by civilians since the 1980’s. It is a space based orbiting satellite system that provides location and time information in all weather, anywhere on or near the Earth; this is possible where there is an unobstructed line of sight to three or four satellites which constantly radio signal back to Earth. The US Government launched 24 satellites into orbit 12,000 miles (20,000 km) above the Earth’s surface. The Satellites were originally developed by the United States Military for their own private use and became fully operational in 1994; they are maintained by the US government. These GPS Satellites are freely accessible to anyone who has a GPS receiver, these signals can being picked up by GPS receivers which can then calculate the position of these space landmarks by comparing the delivery times of the satellite signals allowing GPS receivers to calculate and convey your position relative to the position of the satellites. The GPS receiver will not pick up all satellites at the one time, there may only, three or four that can be used to calculate a position due to the position of utilised twill be in a position utilisable for calculation by a GPS receiver.

GPS provides critical information capabilities to many sectors like the military, civil and commercial users worldwide. GPS is viewed as the commercial backbone globally to modernise the way we view transport mobility and location based services today.

The use of GPS, Vehicle Tracking, Navigation

GPS has a wide range of applications in the commercial environment. It is used not only for vehicles, but can also be useful for sea and aircrafts. As an example the vehicle haulage, transport & logistics sectors use GPS systems to help manage & control their fleets. There are many commercial gps vehicle tracking systems that provide an endless list of attributes, but the most common uses are to provide accurate vehicle tracking i.e. Locating the position of the asset or too estimate arrival & departure times as well as many calculations such as the number of driving hours, and track progress the progress of a delivery vehicle. The Police, Armed Forces and Private Investigators also use GPS for surveillance; the systems which utilise this GPS technology provide them with information of both their own personnel and those under surveillance. Personal use of GPS in Satalite navigation systems for vehicles allows drivers to plan routes and providing real-time guidance to and from a location. Vehicle and Fleet Tracking is now widely adopted by companies who wish to track where there field based staff are, whether it’s the sales representatives or the service technician who drives a vehicle as part of their job.

What is the Legality of using a GPS Vehicle Tracking Device in the UK?

Often is asked the question what is the legality of using a GPS vehicle tracking device in the UK? Well as long as the employee or the person who is being tracked is made aware they are being tracked, the employee needs to be informed that this now forms part of their company policy. Some may wish to show a duty of care to their employees, by deploying such a system. These companies normally inform their employees verbally, some inform their employees in writing, as an addendum to their employee handbooks or their contracts. Employees have many advantages to the GPS vehicle tracking device being fitted for example to their vehicle such as road safety and supportive evidence of an event which is unfairly levied against them, or it may be to provide the employee, the vehicle or its load with a form of security where in the event of theft it is often the case the it will be preventative or aid a speedy recovery. In the case of breakdowns & accidents to allows the employer to advice the relevant services so the can be deployed to the correct location fast.

What may be deemed Illegal Use of GPS Vehicle Tracking Device in the UK?

When a GPS vehicle tracking device is used secretly or is hidden without the knowledge or consultation of the individual this is normally termed “tracked covertly” this may well be illegal and you should speak to the person or employer and get an explanation of why they have done this practice. Police & Intelligence agencies with consent are the only organisations who are legally allowed to make use GPS vehicle tracking systems in this way. It is deemed by the law without consultation or knowledge you may well be breaking the law.

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